Mission, Objectives and Expected Ouputs


To bridge the gap between researchers and decision-makers by identifying the information needs in nutrition and health and translating evidence into concrete recommendations actionable by responsible bodies, through collaborations amongst African researchers and decision-makers and with support from global experts.


  • To be timely in transparently addressing priority questions set by decision-makers in partner countries
  • To enhance the capacity of researchers in knowledge management and knowledge translation by providing high quality methodological training and support
  • To strengthen locally accountable bodies in their ability to both articulate their research needs and appropriately utilise evidence

Expected Outputs

  • Generate guidelines and tools that can be used for the evidence-informed decision-making process
  • Strengthen the capacity of researchers in being able to engage and advocate for evidence-informed country-specific nutrition policy
  • Set up and strengthen an African network for evidence-based decision-making and policy-driven nutrition research that addresses country-specific, as well as continental and global, nutrition┬áproblems