EVIDENT is also involved in capacity building in evidence-informed decision-making through a number of courses. These include:


International Course in Evidence-Informed Nutrition and Health (ICENH) by Biais de la FINSA

The “Biais de la FINSA” (Formation Internationale en Nutrition et Science Alimentaire) in Benin took the initiative to organise the International Course in Evidence-Informed Nutrition and Health (ICENH) in Benin to give the opportunity to francophone countries to follow this course.

ICENH I – December 2015 Biais de la FINSA

ICENH II – December 2016 Biais de la FINSA

Specialized Training in Translating Evidence in Nutrition into Country-Specific Recommendations

To allow participants to learn and apply the different elements of translating evidence into country-specific policies; elements include (i) to find and appraise evidence; (ii) literacy in health economic evaluations, (iii) integrating local epidemiological evidence and information, and (iv) policy brief development.

Course 2015 – in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

International Course in Evidence-Informed Nutrition Course

This course enhances evidence-based practices by training individuals in knowledge management, namely in the retrieval, appraisal, and synthesis of evidence, as well as knowledge translation and brokering geared towards the decision-makers.

ICEN I February 2014 – Institute of Tropical Medicine, Belgium

ICEN II September 2014 – Institute of Tropical Medicine, Belgium

ICENH May 2015 – North-West University, South Africa


Last year’s comments

“A great learning opportunity! A well planned introduction and practical activities for a complex matter. Practical and useful!”

“This course is well organized and really suited my career”

“Two weeks of veritable learning, dense but agreeable”

Health Technology Assessment MOOC – University of Sheffield

Open to all, this free online course introduces the concept of health technology assessment (HTA) and steps it involves. Topics include evaluating technologies, appraisal of evidence, cost-effectiveness analysis and reimbursement and pricing decisions.